Sarah and Mitch

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Our Story

Sarah: We met on a University of Michigan study abroad program (go blue!) in the summer of 2014 - it was love at first group project assignment. After staying in touch all summer, we went on our first date when we returned to campus in the fall. Mitch eventually asked me to “go steady” one day while sharing a pizza - and when I said yes, he locked it in with a high-five. Very romantic!

Mitch: I was joking with the high-five. After Sarah graduated, we did a year of long distance and then I got a job in San Francisco and joined her there after my graduation. We feel lucky to have had so many “chapters” in our relationship and to feel like we’ve simultaneously grown up together and grown together.

Sarah: And we’re so very excited to get married and to start our next chapter! We hope you’ll join us in Sausalito to celebrate. Our friends and family mean everything to us and nothing brings us more joy than being with our people.